A League Of Their Own

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A roleplay by Piebunny. Unlike Hyperspace RP and Fifth-Dimensional Hardware Store, this one actually looks promising.


The Premise

From all across the globe, the world's lamest, most incompetent and/or underpowered superheroes gather at Mount Lorem-Ipsum, high above the city of Port Aliqua, to form a brand-spanking-new crime-fighting league, suggestions for the name of which I would love to hear. From Captain Mullet, with the power of really bogan hair, to Non-Gender-Specific Socially-Acceptable-Deed-Committing Person, the world's most politically correct crimefighter, to the other Captain Mullet, the one who's half fish, can this new league protect Port Aliqua from the forces of naughtiness, or will they just screw it up as usual?


The city of Port Aliqua, particularly the headquarters atop Mount Lorem-Ipsum.

Bunnies Expressing Interest


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